We’re always trying to find ways to personalize our gear when it comes to the sports we love. Soccer balls, jerseys, sweatsuits, bags, hockey sticks; we all love to find gear that is personal and unique to us. That can get pretty hard though, especially when everyone is buying the same cool equipment from the same three stores. For hockey players like us, that’s where MyStyle Goods comes in. Bring your hockey game to the next level with a unique, custom hockey pucks.

Quality Custom Hockey Pucks

Custom hockey pucks are the newest and best way to bring your favorite styles and images onto the ice with you. Print your team jersey, your favorite player, or an original design onto our regulation grade pucks. Our customizer offers dozens of graphic and color choices that allow you to create exactly what you want within minutes.

Our custom hockey pucks wouldn’t be worth much to anyone if they weren’t built to last. Whether its for decoration or game time, our pucks will fit your needs. Our pucks meet official hockey puck size and weight regulations: practice or game ready.  They have a nice hand feel and textured sides just like all real pucks do.  


Hockey Photos Printed on Canvas

MyStyle Goods offers more than just custom hockey pucks. We’re here for all of your hockey accessory needs. We’ve recently added high quality printed canvases for your hockey photos! Get awesome prints of your favorite hockey memories that will last a lifetime. All of our products are 100% customizable and made to last.

Make a personalized item for yourself or create the perfect gift for the hockey-lover in your life. Stop buying gear and gifts that are never quite perfect or how you envisioned them!  Design exactly what you’re looking for with MyStyle Goods. If you get confused about anything at any point, or are not sure if your image will come out right…  Just contact us anytime and we will help to make sure your design comes out exactly how you want it.

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