Custom Hockey Puck For You

You can make your hockey puck into something more than a dense piece of black rubber, by creating your own custom hockey puck. This will be a sure way to stand out on the ice. You can get creative with any type of design you wish. You can add images and/or text to your hockey pucks with our online customizer tool.  There are a lot of features included to make the designing process easy with just a few clicks of the mouse. These custom hockey pucks are great as gifts for birthdays and team events. They are good on the ice, or as a novelty piece to be displayed. You can even design a fun hockey puck to throw to your fans at the end of a game. They will love it!

Put A Pic On A Puck

The print quality on the custom hockey puck is great and allows for color printing. This makes it easy to create a hockey puck with nice design using a photo. You can add a picture of yourself, your friend, or a pet. You can even add photos of anything else you like, such as a picture of your favorite hockey player. The options are endless! If you are an artist, you can create your own design by hand or a digital design to be uploaded and printed on a hockey puck. There are a lot of great ways to create something fun to liven up a plain black hockey puck. A custom hockey puck is the way to go!

Add An Emoji On a Puck

If I had a hockey puck, I would love to have an emoji printed on my custom hockey puck. Not only are they already the right circular shape, they are so fun. Emojis have somehow developed into a culture of their own. Certain emotions have really grown their own personality ever since the iPhone came out with them. Designing this type of hockey puck is super easy, since the emoji is already a  circle shape. The hardest part is just picking out the right expression to put on your custom hockey puck. I think this would make a great gift to any hockey player!

custom hockey puck

Start Designing Now!

Start Designing Now

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